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They are the eyelash fluttering, venue-hopping VIPS who play the party circuit all night long. Real hits the tiles with London's hottest girls-about-town.

When Marilyn Hawes sent her nine-year-old twins to the headmaster's house for a visit, she believed they would be in good hands. But, in September 2002, her whole world was shattered. She tells Real her heartbreaking story.

In June, the government will weigh up the risks of going nuclear. Twenty years on from the Chernoby power plant explosion, Real meets victims of the fallout.

The clang of the prison door closing marks the beginning of the harsh reality of life behind bars. But as well as a loss of liberty and everyday privileges of life on the outside, convicted criminals can also kiss goodbye to sex. Or can they? Real gets the inside story on illicit sex romps involving prison inmates, visiting partners - and even prison staff

Some women will do anything to escape the misery of prison. Some mutilate themselves, others try to kill themselves... too many succeed. Real investigates what drives these women to such despair

Ever been tempted by that little voice in your head that wants revenge? If the answer's yes, these women's stories should act as a cautionary tale. Janet Tappin Coelho reports on the frightening and violent side of women-scorned.

Increasing numbers of ordinary people are taking the law into their own hands and fighting back against crime with DIY policing. Real looks at what's triggered this vigilante phenomenon what the law says and how innocent people have been mistakenly targeted and even killed.

He loves me, he loves me not. How can you be sure your partner is turly committed or just a roving Romeo? Janet Tappin Coelho reports on a decoy doll service - exposing cheating hearts - in hot demand

Brazil's famous Rio de Janeiro carnival is an annual riot of joyful, colourful parades featuring sexy samba dancers in elaborate costumes. But, as Janet Tappin Coelho reports, behind the scenes lies an ugly picture of rape, domestic violence and murder.

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